A West Coast Shorty

Anonymous asked: Hi Sam. I hope you are doing well. I appreciate you taking the time to help others. You are so kind and generous. I hope you don't mind me asking, but how can you get yourself out of the negative holes in your mind? Lately I've been consumed by the feelings and just feel lost and invisible. How can I break this?


The first step is to work toward not dwelling upon them. This feeling is a habit of mind which is strengthened by repetition just like any other habit. If you live always in your head they strengthen. If you get out of your head, out into the world and into life they diminish. Help others. Do small kindnesses. Then you will feel less lost and less invisible. Remember, you cannot really be lost despite how you feel at the moment. We as human beings are always at the center of our own particular universe. You are precisely where you need to be at this moment.